Should Disney Abandon Florida?
The only reasons Disney World is in FL:
  • it's relatively warm in the winter
  • expansion of Disneyland in CA was impossible
  • FL rural land was cheap in 1950s
  • FL labor laws facilitate exploitation
  • FL environmental laws facilitate destruction of habitat

Pretty hard to replicate those conditions. Now, if F. Castro and W. Disney had struck just the right deal...

DW earned about $17 billion in 2021. Assuming the end of Covid, 2023 might pull in $25 billion as the three-year unrequited desire of RV families is satisfied.

Cuba's GDP is about $100 billion. There's a lot of underutilized land. A $25 billion bump might be pretty attractive, especially if Disney had to build the needed infrastructure—airports, hotels, etc. On the other hand it would mean the return of evil capitalists; on the other think of the spinoffs. ¿Quien sabe?

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