In praise of simple design
In 1968 I turned my 1959 Volkswaven beetle into a one-man travel camper.

By removing the backrest of the passenger seat, one had about 6'4" from the rear seat backrest to the glove compartment door. That accommodated a plywood platform cut to shape and then into two pieces that spanned the length, wrapped around the driver's seat.

Behind the seats, in the small storage space behind the back seat, and in the forward trunk, I stowed the passenger backrest, a sleeping bag and pad, a small valise, a two-burner Coleman stove and a day's groceries (some of that had to go outside at night in a tarp).

I cooked on the inside platform; ate in the driver's seat; slept on the platform. It had the old cloth open top, so had plenty of ventilation.

By removing all the adaptations and putting the passenger seat back together, it returned to stock configuration with no hard modifications.

Drove all over So. California doing research on land use for my master's degree.

Surely pound for pound the most versatile vehicle I ever owned.

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