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Found this photo on Facebook. Different era, but this is the school to and from which I trudged through snow, uphill both ways, kindergarten to 2nd grade.

Homonymus non est.

In the days after WWII "real men" had mustaches. Ergo, TV Superman George Reeves' movie predecessor Kirk Alyn followed suit. :-)

To those equating the summer BLM violence and the events of yesterday, the assertion that there is moral equivalence between outbursts over 400 years of subjugation and abuse of...

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Historic Loser
It occurs to me that Donald Trump has now matched William Jennings Bryan's record of losing the presidency three times. Jennings by popular vote: 1896, 1900, 1908. Trump by popular... Continues...
Should Disney Abandon Florida?
The only reasons Disney World is in FL: it's relatively warm in the winter expansion of Disneyland in CA was impossible FL rural land was cheap in 1950s FL labor laws... Continues...
In praise of simple design
In 1968 I turned my 1959 Volkswaven beetle into a one-man travel camper.

By removing the backrest of the passenger seat, one had about 6'4" from the rear seat backrest to the... Continues...
My Welsh great-grandparents Thomas John Davis and Elizabeth Williams Davis built this cabin in Samaria, ID, in 1869. My maternal grandfather Ephraim Rees Davis was born there in 1875. Reconstructed in 2008, it now anchors Samaria Heritage Park.

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