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In the days after WWII "real men" had mustaches. Ergo, TV Superman George Reeves' movie predecessor Kirk Alyn followed suit. :-)

To those equating the summer BLM violence and the events of yesterday, the assertion that there is moral equivalence between outbursts over 400 years of subjugation and abuse of...
Josh Hawley will apparently continue his lonely quest to object to electoral votes from states where Trump lost. (Hawley is shown here speaking to the Senate recently.)

The juxtaposition of Mitt Romney and Josh Hawley in the Senate debate was noteworthy in that Romney spoke with palpable emotion from a moral stature that Hawley does not possess...

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Stroke Information from NPR
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Vaccines and you
Why aren't you dead or debilitated from polio?

Well, there's a good chance (virtually 100 percent) that it's because you were vaccinated as a child.

In 1950 there were 151.3... Continues...
On track for a million Covid-19 deaths, US response lags
At 791,000 dead, the US has 4% of the world population and 15% of the 5.2 million deaths from Covid-19. This discrepancy is ENTIRELY due to the administration of public health by a... Continues...
Fairly unbalanced cable network outed
Thought this worthy of further distribution.

“Dear Moonbats, trolls, wingnuts, and assorted old friends and coworkers who’ve fallen under the spell of Rupert Murdoch’s... Continues...

My Welsh great-grandparents Thomas John Davis and Elizabeth Williams Davis built this cabin in Samaria, ID, in 1869. My maternal grandfather Ephraim Rees Davis was born there in 1875. Reconstructed in 2008, it now anchors Samaria Heritage Park.