More about great-great-grandfather John Clark
I've recently returned from a trip to Scotland. Since my previous John Clark entry I'd learned that John C's father, also John Clark, married Margaret Gray after 1800 and she presented him in Selkirk with our North American progenitor in 1805 according to my cousin Clark Salisbury or 1806 according to the tombstone carver in Canada (the same folks who once burnt Washington DC).

The elder Clarks were by the first Scottish census in 1841 living in Yair, a few miles from Selkirk, being then 75 and 70 years of age. They did not appear the 1851 census, but since returning home I have found a death entry for Margaret from 12 December 1852. Perhaps the jurisdictions changed; perhaps widows did not rate their own census entries. "Relect" means survivor. Click the image for a more legible view.

The accompany image shows the relevant lines from the local records. (Imagine my hand trembling as I violate the sacred crown copyright, though frankly they owe me for the time I wasted in Edinburgh while they tried to reboot their network on 24 October.) Another document I just retrieved from Scotland's People shows their 1841 residence in Yair. This is all more than a little fun; stay tuned!

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