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Sitemaker Version 2
Version 2.0 of CIP Sitemaker™ from Clark Internet Publishing is now active. It adds several new features - like the web log - and contains numerous structural improvements. With the change the entire system makes a clear distinction between structure and content. This means that one can write and store pages of text, graphics, and other information without regard to their eventual appearance. Such things as colors, fonts, and page layouts are separately defined.

This is all accompanied by a new "themes" feature that lets an editor store multiple themes for a site. The themes - combinations of color, layout, fonts, etc. - can be selected at any time to instantly change the appearance of the site. This allows business sites to have seasonal or promotional themes, and personal sites can just be more fun.

The web log feature is the first to offer "BBcode" to let users modify text without running the risk of compromising page layout. For example, one can italicize, colorize and embolden fonts. This capability will gradually be extended to all text elements of the system.

In fact, the new version is so much better that we probably don't know what all it can do. We look forward to having our users tell us.


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