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Marriage in the Era of the Trump Court
Now that we can look forward to “strict constructionists” on the Supreme Court genuflecting to “original intent,” I feel free to consider the prospect of remarriage after several decades. Allow me to explain.

When I was married the prospect of beating my wife seemed barbaric, and besides I never had reason or inclination to do so. But as long as we’re going back to the social and legal norms of 1787, it opens up so many possibilities. Back then wife beating was common and unrestricted. It was not until about 1920 that it became illegal across the country, and even those prohibitions were not strictly enforced for another fifty years.

Now instead of searching for a love match or a woman of admirable personal and professional qualities, I can expand the search and be less choosy. Candidate brides can perhaps be found in a wider walk of life. And if “she” turns out to be unwifely, unfaithful or otherwise unworthy, I can just give her what for.

The election of Donald Trump may turn out to be a godsend after all.