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Tokyo quake frightening, little damage for Clan Clark
Son Andy reports...

"I am sleeping at the airport (was headed to SFO for a meeting). About 5000 people stranded here. The lounge is open, so I have some relative comfort of two chairs put together.

All flights cancelled. No trains, no freeways, phones still down. No damage in Tokyo. Apartment is a mess.

H and R are fine. Have not been able to speak with them but a few mails get through, they are safe and sound. Apartment structure is sound.

I was in the lounge when it hit, and I would not wish that fear on anyone. It was the strongest and longest shaking I have ever felt. For a few seconds I thought things were over and the building was coming down.

I cant imagine what its like for the folks up north. I may try to go up there and help, but we will see. The difference with a tsunami is that its not like there are people trapped under buildings. They are all buried under tons of debris. Looks like a ship with 100 people on board was swept away. No word on what happened yet.

Aftershocks every 10 – 15 min. don't think I will sleep well tonight……"

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