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Ad hoc...

Fearless prediction: After "a decent interval" the White House will (or will not) announce a vast public infrastructure investment in Tennessee in the aftermath of Lamar Alexander's vote on impeachment witnesses.
We may have been selling Donald Trump short on whether he was seeking to investigate corruption in Ukraine. That may be true but with a twist. Perhaps he feels Ukraine is insufficiently corrupt and hopes to improve its performance.
Was Mick Mulvaney—and by extension Pres. Tr*mp—lying when saying Doral was best choice in a search for G7 site? If so why can't they just move on to #2.
Sad but true commentary by John Pavlovitz today on his website.
Read my new book: Solitude: The Tragic Story of a Windmill-noise-induced Cancer Survivor.

More pithy pearls are here.

My Welsh great-grandparents Thomas John Davis and Elizabeth Williams Davis built this cabin in Samaria, ID, in 1869. My maternal grandfather Ephraim Rees Davis was born there in 1875. Reconstructed in 2008, it now anchors Samaria Heritage Park.
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