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Spotted this today: "We make a Living by what we get, We make a Life by what we give."

More pithy pearls are here.

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Stroke Information from NPR
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Third Wave of Covid-19 Infections Worse than Previous Waves
Veterans Day 2020. I began reporting the progress of the pandemic in the US July 22. At the time the reporting from CDC and WHO, suggested that 244,000 Americans would die by... Continues...

Biden Pledges to End Child Separation as First Order of Presidency
El candidato demócrata y ex-vice-presidente Joe Biden ha anunciado que en el primer día de su presidencia, formará un grupo de trabajo ejecutivo para encontrar y reunir los... Continues...
Losers & Suckers?
I do not generally hold much of a brief for my father. I saw him twice in childhood, and then not again for thirty years and then nearly ten more. He left my mother for another... Continues...

My Welsh great-grandparents Thomas John Davis and Elizabeth Williams Davis built this cabin in Samaria, ID, in 1869. My maternal grandfather Ephraim Rees Davis was born there in 1875. Reconstructed in 2008, it now anchors Samaria Heritage Park.

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