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Rees Clark 26-Jul-2018
My lawyers are working on a plan to pay hush money for 30-something women who throw themselves at me. In the meantime I'm learning how not to duck.
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Momentum Blog

Trump: A reasonable request
Donald Tr*mp does not speak for all Americans and cannot expect to stifle violence by "all" who would perpetrate it. He can, however, influence his followers. All we can ask — but probably cannot expect — of him is a statement something like "if you think you are acting in my name or the name of causes in which I believe, you are wrong, and I repudiate... Continues...
A wee pun is a bit o' fun

Rural America in Crisis Due to Tr*mp Tariffs
Writing in the New York Times, Robert Leonard says "The most poignant evidence of the depopulation of rural [America] over the last three-quarters of a century is the lily. Drive any highway or rock road in the state about this time of year and you will see that about every half-mile, the ditches are full of beautiful orange lilies.

"Behind the lilies... Continues...
Click the graphic for a comparison of one medical procedure.

Actually, it's even better. Since I already speak Spanish, I can just lie around instead of doing homework!

A recent thread on Facebook asked for comments from people whose name is spelled in a less common way. My answer: Rees, not Reese. When I was born during WWII there were many shortages. It was intended that no one should have more than two eGGs, but there was also a shortage of Gs, so a rule was inadvertently published providing that no one might have more... Continues...
Interior Dept. Shamed into Abandoning Fee Hike
Alt National Park Service Reports: Attn: Your voices have been heard! The Interior Department is backing off from substantially raising the entrance fee for national parks after more than 100,000 Americans wrote to complain about the proposed hikes. Last October, Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke proposed raising the entrance fee for 17 major parks from $25 to... Continues...

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