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President Tr*mp has recommended that Republicans take a hit of hydroxychloroquine. Might help with what ails ya. An earlier experience might help you decide.
I am not happy to post this link to the Washington Post's review of the "day toll" chronicling 70 lost days in the fight against COVID-19.
A sign of the times. Trump casinos, hotels, apartments, "charitable foundation," resorts, steaks, "university," golf clubs, and now...

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Stroke Information from NPR
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Volunteer Now to Test Tr*mp Hypothesis
You can now volunteer to be the subject of another funeral your friends and family cannot attend:

"Hydroxychloroquine, an anti-malarial... Continues...
Mail-in Voting, Secure, Fights Fraud
Gov. Jay Inslee recently distributed the following comments. "Here in Washington state, vote-by-mail has been a spectacular success, so when... Continues...
Hydroxychloroquine, really?
For all my contemporaries who have forgotten, about 40 years ago the actor Steve McQueen was diagnosed with an incurable, terminal disease.... Continues...

My Welsh great-grandparents Thomas John Davis and Elizabeth Williams Davis built this cabin in Samaria, ID, in 1869. My maternal grandfather Ephraim Rees Davis was born there in 1875. Reconstructed in 2008, it now anchors Samaria Heritage Park.

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