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Stream of Mostly Consciousness

I am not happy to post this link to the Washington Post's review of the "day toll" chronicling 70 lost days in the fight against COVID-19.
A sign of the times. Trump casinos, hotels, apartments, "charitable foundation," resorts, steaks, "university," golf clubs, and now...

Fearless prediction: After "a decent interval" the White House will (or will not) announce a vast public infrastructure investment in Tennessee in the aftermath of Lamar Alexander's vote on impeachment witnesses.
We may have been selling Donald Trump short on whether he was seeking to investigate corruption in Ukraine. That may be true but with a twist. Perhaps he feels Ukraine is insufficiently corrupt and hopes to improve its performance.
Was Mick Mulvaney—and by extension Pres. Tr*mp—lying when saying Doral was best choice in a search for G7 site? If so why can't they just move on to #2.
Sad but true commentary by John Pavlovitz today on his website.
Read my new book: Solitude: The Tragic Story of a Windmill-noise-induced Cancer Survivor.
For those of a certain age.

Big Pharma competitors have announced a new performance enhancer for the body politic, with especially beneficial effects on health care. It's called Notrumpatol. Most effective taken with Senat majora tea.
As expected the Get Tough border policy has resulted in the first child death.
Playing with phone layouts and adding display options in responsive mode.
My lawyers are working on a plan to pay hush money for 30-something women who throw themselves at me. In the meantime I'm learning how not to duck.
US military personnel involved in running Trump's baby jails might well consider the fate of other military leaders who've done similar work. Wilhelm Keitel and Alfred Jodl come to mind. "Zur Befehl" is no better an excuse now than then.
How dare Trump call for unity after the Las Vegas incident, when he and his party are tools of the NRA and thus enemies of peace, and when a clear majority of citizens want action to reduce the number of gun-totin' psychopaths on our streets?
I've been pondering D. Trump's neckties that hang six inches below his belt. My conclusion is that he thinks he's a much taller man.
Comments by Trump supporters indicating they will be revolting if he loses the election are reminiscent of support for a similar movement of the past, spearheaded by that great national hero John Wilkes Booth.
If you have a daughter and are thinking of voting for Donald Trump, you should have the courage to tell her you are choosing him over her.
Marla Maples could go down in history as a latter day Count Claus von Stauffenberg if the 1995 tax "bombshell" is hers and turns the election.
The DJT/ISIS meme has reminded me of Richard Nixon's "secret plan to end the war in Vietnam," for which we're still waiting. Can you say "dejà vu all over again?"
Quote of the day: "How old would you be if you didn't know how old you are?" -Satchel Paige
This just in: Scientists have discovered a powerful new strain of fact-resistant humans who are threatening the ability of Earth to sustain life, a sobering new study reports.
How much fudge would a fudge judge judge if a fudge judge would judge fudge? (© 2015 R. Clark.)
Finished a nice three day visit from brother Doug Clark & sister in law Connie Clark from NC en route AK.
Another take on San Bernardino County deputies beating fleeing suspect.
Immigration obstructionists please note: The fundamental family value is having a family.
Cheney Shoots Again
That dick we all recall from 2003 and Iraq's WMD is back. Sorry Dick, but as the philosopher G. W. Bush observed, "fool me once, shame on--awkward pause-shame on you. Fool me--awkward pause--you can't get fooled again."
I've decided to change the blog name to Momentum, as in hoping to retain some. The former Daily Dose was a promise rarely kept.
WHIRLWIND ANDREW: Into town; friends; Mariners baseball (loss to Rangers; Ms must not have known we were attending; Liverpool-Chelsea soccer 6 AM at the pub; sleep; off to Phoenix. Youth is good.
On Face the Nation 12/12 former Sec./State Baker said Pres R Reagan vetoes only overridden once. Actual number was nine (Senate Item Nos. 2400, 2402, 2412, 2415, 2434, 2444,2453, 2454, and 2455) including apartheid support. Lia(R) or prevaricato(R)?
I claim the airspace above me. I intend to shoot down any drone aircraft, whether publicly or privately owned that points a camera or other recording device at me or my family.
Chris Matthews suggests: "GOP" = Guns over People. I find that very sad as some of my best friends are (R)s, but it's hard not to concur.
The intent of the framers: "A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear [knives, swords and single-shot muzzle loading firearms] shall not be infringed."
Tuesday's vote suggests the meek have filed papers with a view to claiming their inheritance.
Standard Biofuels is closing in on 10,000 points of service. We supply them with software to manage collecting used cooking oil for conversion to biodiesel.
Ted Nugent: Not of the lunatic fringe, but of the lint that falls from it.
Experimenting with new technique for including video in web pages.
At the risk of repetition: What's the difference between the Hindenburg and Rush Limbaugh? Answer: One is a flaming Nazi gasbag. The other is a dirigible airship.
Here's Clark IP's new short URL from Google.
It's 8.3% unemployment and falling. How now, red cow?
On November 6, 2012, remember: Bin Laden dead; GM alive.
And another tax item.
What is blocking update text but posting link.
Zero taxes for US corporations: More evidence...
Zero taxes for US corporations: More evidence Rs are liars.
Zero taxes for US corporations: Example
Testing photo site compatibility.
Perhaps Members of Congress should wear uniforms like NASCAR drivers so we could identify their corporate sponsors.
IMHO the proposed "super committee" of the Congress is wholly unconstitutional and unworthy of our democracy. In addition the suggested members are politically and demographically skewed toward representative irrelevance.
Added half-brother Doug Clark to the member list. Welcome, Doug!
Just created a site for Kesennuma city to help promote renovation after tsunami.
Today's moment of curiosity: At what age will Sarah Palin give a gun to her youngest son?
Added a note RE my late colleague Ted Herman; 97 years of a life well lived.
Fixed a member-home-page bug RE groups.
Working on updating the Event Manager to assist the Class of 1966 with their October reunion. Your own class may benefit.
Robin and classmates donned their helmets and marched to the safety point. Congratulations to his teachers.
Andy's home after two nights in the airport.
All OK in Tokyo Clarkland.
Found a great pic courtesy of talk cable.
Found a new family member; film (sorta) some time.
A few selected friends and relations have access to additional features of the site and can post updates, calendar events, blog articles...
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