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Social Class Segregation in Southern Metropolitan Areas

Robert A. Elgie & Alex Rees Clark
Urban Affairs Quarterly, Volume 16, Number 3, March 1981

Abstract: Although racial segregation within Southern urban areas has been much studied, little attention has been devoted to Southern communities' socioeconomic segregation properties. This article employs a residential differentiation index to examine this phenomenon. Findings suggest that socioeconomic segregation within the South approximates levels observed in national samples and is not attributable to racial segregation of blacks and whites of dissimilar attainment. Moreover, blacks and whites display equal levels of socioeconomic segregation. Finally, community socioeconomic segregation levels are related to selected attributes of Southern communities, including the configuration of ethnic and socioeconomic status groups present.

I remember this study as lots of fun, lots of work and an excellent collaboration with a respected colleague.
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