Trump Restores Lunar Splendor
This item recently appeared on Facebook, where the writer attributed it to Amazing Physics. I looked it up on the Qanon website.

Turns out that Pres. Biden and The Libs have created a technology to use contrail fumes, first to cut the moon in half and then to destroy it completely.

Once the moon's inspirational magic is gone, traditional male-female love relationships will end, and homosexuality and abortion will run rampant. The writer did not clarify how the contrail fumes reach the moon across the intervening quarter-million miles of vacuous space, or indeed why an entirely homosexual society would need abortions.

Only Trump can repair the eeyeevull that has transpired, and he's working on it now; just you wait a few days, 28 1/4 at the most, and he will restore the moon using only the power of his very large brain.

Amazing Physics, indeed!

Amazing Physics

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