On track for a million Covid-19 deaths, US response lags
At 791,000 dead, the US has 4% of the world population and 15% of the 5.2 million deaths from Covid-19. This discrepancy is ENTIRELY due to the administration of public health by a gang of incompetent yes-men led by an ignorant fool.

However, it also speaks to the generally dismal larger health care system. Covid-19 is just a test, and the system has failed; the next pandemic could be much worse. Private, fee-for-service medicine must end. With the sole exception of the miracle-cure specialties in which we excel but deliver only to the wealthy or the lucky, virtually all aspects of the system are second rate. The wealthy "cure" their deviated septums while the children of poor parents with "minor" illnesses go untreated.

And all in the name of either tax abatement or self-centered, dog eat dog ideology, the most selfish and the least actionable elements of human society. The vaccines that could stop the pandemic—funded by the government—are mindlessly eschewed by the supporters of the principal offenders, leaving a pool of victims to host the further evolution of the disease.

One notes that at current rates the millionth American will expire of Covid-19 early in the spring. Good luck!

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