Our blog's better than your blog!
We have just activated our web log tool in CIP Sitemaker. This blogging tool has some very cool features that set it off from the crowd.
  1. It's part of CIP Sitemaker™ and thus has a raft of exceptional companion tools. You can easily create and manage a wide variety of information. Some tools are included with every site.

    • contact form - receive email without publishing your address
    • a calendar - events can be public or private, and you can let readers add their own events
    • a photo gallery - show the world your new invention or pix of your family and friends

  2. You can expand a simple web log into a comprehensive site. Add, for example,

    • article list(s) - build a newsletter, case studies, reports
    • member management - sign up members and assign permissions

  3. The cost is very low. (Pricing is still to be determined. If advertising is present, right now it's free!).

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