Don't Destroy US Postal Service
The (R)epublican dominated Administration is pressing forward with plans to make the US Postal Service so inefficient that they can privatize it.

They are savoring the sweet taste of profits from privatization, under which they would allow providers to set rates without governmental oversight and close "unprofitable" routes in the same areas of the country that the Administration touts as success stories in the Covid-19 mess. The whole idea of the post office 250 years ago was to guarantee dissemination of information and commerce to the whole nation and thus to make democracy possible everywhere. The destruction of the USPS stems from the same greedy mentality that gave us Teapot Dome and promotes unnecessary drilling in the Arctic. The USPS financial problems have been manufactu(R)ed with malice aforethought to kill it.

If you live outside a city of 50,000 inhabitants and these (R)apacious plans succeed, plan to pay a "convenience fee" to avoid driving dozens or hundreds of miles to a "service center" to send or receive your mail.

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