Mail-in Voting, Secure, Fights Fraud
Gov. Jay Inslee recently distributed the following comments. "Here in Washington state, vote-by-mail has been a spectacular success, so when prominent anti-democratic voices say that vote-by-mail is more susceptible to voter fraud than other forms of voting, they are wrong. Plain and simple.

Washington State has proven that vote-by-mail is the easiest, safest, most reliable voting there is. This isn't a partisan issue -- in both Republican- and Democrat-run states, vote-by-mail has increased voter participation. There is zero reason not to have a mail-in ballot in any condition and certainly not when people have to risk their lives to go physically vote right now during this COVID-19 pandemic.

Now, I'm calling for vote-by-mail to be a right for every American across this country. Join me in calling for national vote-by-mail: Add your name right now. (Link omitted. —RC)

The photos of mile-long lines -- people in masks forced to either risk their health or give up their right to vote -- should break the heart of every American, regardless of whether they're a Democrat or Republican. And we must not let this happen in November.

You'll never see a line out the door to vote in Washington state. You will never wait in the rain, in the cold, or in the heat to fill in your ballot. Your ballot box should be as close as your mailbox. In fact, we even take care of the postage."

(Note: This could be federally subsidized for national elections. —RC)

"We already knew that too many Americans were choosing between voting and making it to their jobs, or voting and childcare, but now, all Americans are choosing between their health and their vote. That's unacceptable.

All contrary claims -- that vote-by-mail is corrupt and ripe for fraud and never allows Republicans to be elected again -- are not based in reality. Plus, the president actually votes absentee by mail -- so if it's good enough for him, why not anyone else?

Here in Washington, our own secretary of state says that our system is 'accessible, secure, fair, and instills confidence in our voters.'"

(Note: These are not "absentee" ballots. Mail-in voting is intended to replace walk-in voting completely, and it works for Washington. BTW, the only voting scandal in the 2018 election involved a party operative in North Carolina, who was caught and prosecuted for intercepting absentee ballots in a poorly designed system, which is not the same thing; and the election was overturned and rerun. —RC

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