Hydroxychloroquine, really?
For all my contemporaries who have forgotten, about 40 years ago the actor Steve McQueen was diagnosed with an incurable, terminal disease. He read or heard that an extract of apricot seeds called "laetrile" would help. It was not available in the US, so he went abroad, took the "medicine" and, of course, died, along with the laetrile fad.

Anecdotal tales are NOT and NEVER were medical evidence. Pres. Trump's insistence on "trying" hydroxycloroquine as a cure for what ails ya today is unscientific if not outright moronic. Quelle surprise!

Until double-blind, randomized studies (look it up!) are done, no medicine should be recommended, especially by untrained proponents. Most especially it should not be self-prescribed on the recommendation of known chalatans.

More about laetrile

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