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Keep the candidates coming; challenge their stamina
None of the "front runners" presents much of interest beyond their canned speeches. I enjoyed listening today to Andrew Yang and Marianne Williamson on CNN. Yang would be the most fun, and he seems able to think in large numbers. Would love to hear round robin debates between the newcomers of both parties, plus some of the more thoughtful (R)s like Adam Kinzinger, who'd be running if not for Tr*mp.

The more I think about round robin debates the more I like the idea; perhaps like baseball; mostly in their own league (party) with occasional interleague play. Once a week from July to May rotating among broadcast and cable networks, followed by a national "jungle" or "top two" primary with runoff as necessary in June followed by a national election with all states pledging their electoral votes to the national majority winner as 11 states already do. (If you're afraid of the latter you don't believe in democracy, admit it.)

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